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Vikonen; aims to become a world-class company by satisfying the expectations of its customers and third parties for its reliability. The objective of VIKONEN is now to be the best with its "ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS" sense.

Within this scope, in orter to reach targets and aims determined by top management, the required information, human the sources relevant to finance and infrastructure are provided and the appropriate decisions, related to energy factor on design, are made for the continuous improvement of energy performance and productivity and purchasing of energy efficient products and making new investments.

The only way to achieve and sustain "ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS" target of VIKONEN to embed out Environment Policy across a documented and continuously improved management system that can ve implemented independen of individuals.

For this purpose, a management system to regulate all factors, risks, and funnctions that concerns Environment policy has been implemented based on ISO 14001 standards.The said implements will be executed by the dedicated and unconditional participation of all VIKONEN employees within the framework of the goals, responsibilities aand authorities, scope, procedures,instrucitions defined by the authorized management complying with all relevant legislation. Documented Environmental Management System and its goals are revised on regular basis.

Each employee, his/her own health and safey having the firs priority, is responsible for working and employing others without causing any threat to others, goods, machines, data, image, the environment and energy efficiency, monitoring others' compliance to Environment Policy; warning non-compliance occurs; determining all factors and processes critical safety; requesting realted training; taking necessary precautions; complying and causing the compliance with the associated system and instructions; and effectively getting involved in and contributing to the sustainable improvement of all of the above.

VIKONEN will ensure that the said Environment policy is comprehensible at every level of its institution, applicable to all its businesses and processes, sustainable and continuously improved by the way of the lessons learned from undesired deviations.