Vikonen; aims to become a world-class company by satisfying the expectations of its customers and third parties for its reliability. The objective of VIKONEN is now to be the best with its "QUALITY MANAGEMENT" sense.

The only way to attain this objective is to embed the quality and customer satisfaction across a traceable, documented and continuously improvable management system that can be implemented independent of individuals.

To that end, the Quality Assurance System has been developed and implemented based on the international ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. .The customer satisfaction related targets and commitments at VIKONEN are defined by its executives vested with the responsibility of implementing its Quality Management Policy. The said implementation has been executed by the dedicated and unconditional participation of all VIKONEN employees within the framework of the principles that are stated in the Quality Management Manual.

It is aimed to be competitive by obtaining demanded product quality in time by setting goals for continuous improvement with Quality Management Systems and to provide customer satisfaction via an understanding of better service. Customer demands and complaints are always handled with principles of customer orientation, transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, accountability, objectivity, continuous improvement and secrecy in parallel with a better understanding of providing quality service.

VIKONEN will ensure that the said Quality Management Policy is comprehensible at every level of its institution, applicable to all its businesses and processes, sustainable and continuously improved by the way of the lessons learned from undesired deviations.

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